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Artist Review: Our Top 5 @ Yorkshire Artspace Open Studios

The One With A Story

Giles Kozdon

This man definitely deserves a mention. His delicate, geometrical sculpture immediately caught our eye and unsuprisingly held an equally as enthralling story. One day Giles woke up completely paralysed in the face. He had Bell’s Palsy syndrome. The future was uncertain but fortunately, within 6 month Giles had reclaimed full movement in his face.

This piece represents Giles’ recovery and the extremely subtle, delicate balance within our bodies, with every nerve playing an intergral part in the functioning of the whole. Snip one string in Giles’ sculpture and the entire thing will unravel, leaving a mere memory in place of what existed moments before; an entirely functional circuit in all it’s beauty. Because of the calculated perfection of the sculpture, it is possible to see both a cube and a sphere in the center crossing when viewing at the right angle.

Photo source

Giles graduated from his course in Metalwork and Jewellery at Hallam University in 2015. He prides himself on using a high level of mathematic design to create products.

This particular piece was for sale at over £2000. However, Giles did admit that he would be heartbroken if he had to sell it, hence the tidy sum.

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