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Intelligent Design

Using a high level of engineering and maths to design items of Jewellery and other products such as drinking vessels. inspired by Dieter Rams 10 Principles of “Good Design”


Using 3D and 2D CAD programs such as Solidworks and Powercadd to create tool paths for CNC machines and technical drawings for Milling machines and Lathes, all finished off with traditional hand finishing methods to get the degree of surface finishes that the product required.


A machined finish is not always the required effect and the dexterity of a human hand is greater than a machine. However using traditional techniques to create items by hand sometimes is quicker than machining.

2010 – 2011


Diamond Grading in Hatton Garden.


Using the 4C’s of diamond grading Carat, the weight of the stone. Colour, the colour of the stone, the more nitrogen in the internal structure with give a yellow hue to the stone. Clarity, how many inclusions are there in the stone and the Cut of the stone. Creating certificates in line with company policy. This was the start of love of Jewellery and silversmithing.


2011 – 2012


Foundation in art and design at Sheffield College


2012 – 2015


Degree in metalwork and Jewellery at Sheffield Hallam University. 


To build on my skills learnt at university I worked for Chris Perry in his workshop, making items for clients and also helping Chris prepare for the 2014 Goldsmith Fair. This role enabled me to build on my skills, learnt during the degree course, making jewellery and other workshop duties


2016 - present


Workshop, with support from Yorkshire Art Space, the Design trust and Sheffield Assay Office. With extra support and mentoring from Brett Payne, Chris Boland and Jennie Gill.

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